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Clean Natural Soap Inspired by Nature With Minimal Ingredients


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Beautifully handcrafted all natural soap that will make your skin feel the way it should!

I started making soap about six years ago and fell in love with the process. Not only was it very creative but it allowed me to experiment with all sorts of botanicals, butters and oils. The way it made my skin feel was amazing. 

I have always had a love of plants and nature. This love was instilled in me by my dad at a very young age. We were surrounded by the beautiful landscape of forests rich with wild berries and healing plants. Our family home was located on the banks of the Annapolis Basin where we could smell the fresh salty air of the ocean and hear the crashing waves every day! We collected our food for the day from the rich resources of seafood provided there. We return there when we can for clam bakes and to play in the ocean.

Now my family and I are located near the Canadian Rockies, which we are able to see almost everyday and we are astounded at the beauty. We love how diverse Canada is and we are so happy to call it home.

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